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2023 Conventions

Last weekend, I co-Chaired ConQuesT here in Kansas City. It was a whirlwind of shenanigans and tomfoolery, along with an actual indoor flood (which, happily, was mitigated before it could damage anything), and I’m still kind of tired from it. The month before that, I was at JordanCon (which I attend every year), where somehow I managed to wrangle a guest badge using the Four Raccoons In A Trenchcoat method.

I should probably get better about talking about the conventions I’m going to before they happen, right?


So here’s the current slate for the rest of the year:

June 30 – July 2: Fan Expo Denver. I’ll actually be vending at this con, astoundingly enough! I have anthologies what carry my stories, and I’m not afraid to sell them! Hopefully I’ll make it onto a few panels, too. Exciting stuff.

October 26 – 29: World Fantasy. I’m co-Chairing this one, too. I know. You’re right. I’m hopeless.

November 20 -21: Dragonsteel 2023, where my 17th Shard moderator & podcaster flags will be flying high.

There’s technically enough room for me to shove something else in between FX Denver and WFC, but dangit, I’m co-running that second one. I have a lot to do, and I still have to make time to write.

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