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Month: May 2024

Okay, So It’s Been A Minute

I don’t think I realized just how -long- it had been since I wrote something here till I logged in today and looked at the date of my last post. It’s been 11 months.


The only thing I really have to say in my defense is that co-Chairing World Fantasy last year swallowed my brain, chewed it up, and spat it out. I wore entirely too many hats, did entirely too many things, and I got (more than) a little bit fried.

What’s happened since then?

  1. I started a new novel, a science fiction story that I’m now a little over 70,000 words into. My plan is for it to hit at 100k. Which means, of course, it’ll most likely be about 10-20k longer than that, but that’s the way my cookie usually crumbles.
  2. I attended JordanCon, which as usual was a blast. And I got Best in Journeyman Class for my Vi costume! (including gauntlets with moveable fingers, because I’m mad that way)
  3. I visited the Portuguese island of Madeira. It was -amazing- and gorgeous and steep.
  4. I whipped out a new (rather spicy) romantasy short story that I plan on flinging at an anthology this week.

In July, I’ll be attending the SAGA genre writing conference, which promises to be an excellent time of pouring fresh writer learnin’s directly into my brain. This will be my Serius Bizniss convention this year.

And in December, I’ll be attending Dragonsteel Nexus. Yeah, this one is entirely for fun. I am plotting shenanigans. Such delightful shenanigans.

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