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Month: July 2021

Ahoy There!

Welcome to my webpage! As you can see, things are still a little bare bones – my current website skills are at the level of a small cartoon child sitting on a school bus cheerfully proclaiming, “I’m using WordPress!”

I’m figuring it out, though. Kudos to my amazing and patient husband, James, who did all the back end tech.

My first published work will be officially released as of Friday, July 16, which is…quite soon. JordanCon is back! And so is its anthology! The theme this year is “Become Legend” and I’ve got a story tucked inside called “Urban Planning.”

What happens when a city harbors secrets? What nightmares slumber beneath? Why the heck are there so many weirdly-shaped intersections slapped onto what should be a perfectly nice grid, and why exactly do some civil engineers despise roundabouts? Wesley Dunning knows the answers to these question, but he sure wishes he didn’t.



Character profiles coming soon!

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