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I’ve sent in two submissions in as many months; one for a novel, the other (just moments ago) for a short story. Given that I’ve been absurdly lucky with my story submissions thus far, chances are the odds are finally going to settle out and one of these will be my first rejection.

Before anyone goes into a super-supportive tizzy, rejections are this milestone of authordom that literally every writer experiences. The fact that I haven’t had one yet is weird. (Or maybe just indicative of me being super cautious about what I write and submit to.) It’s bound to happen sooner or later. I am prepared!

Another piece of this is that I’m learning how much I dislike writing cover letters. I’ll yammer all damn day about characters storylines and magic systems, but the instant I start having to talk about myself the gears in my creative brain suddenly decide they’re too coated in rust to go on. Could they have some oil? Maybe a nap? Maybe their very own Scottish engineer to yell at me when I ask them to do something so preposterous?

The answers: no, no, and haha no. I wrote the cover letters. I did my little About Me sections and I’m at least semi-pleased with how they came out, just please ignore all the flailing it took for me to get there.

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